Boss Or Leader, The Battle Between Power And Leadership

Woman in Black Jacket Sitting Beside Woman in Brown Long Sleeve ShirtThere are many people who lead a work team but that does not make them leaders, due to many shortcomings in this facet. Ineffective leadership can result in poor performance for the entire team. On the other hand we have the figure of the boss, who has to know how to differentiate it from the leader. A boss can be a leader, but this is not always the case.

When we talk about the boss, that person who has an elegant and beautiful office at the end of the hall comes to mind. A leader can be your supervisor or the colleague who sits next to you and shares your table.

How do you know if you are a boss or a leader?

Woman in Black Leather Jacket Wearing Eyeglasses Sitting at TableIt is not always easy to know if a person is a leader, boss or both, but to make this easier, today we want to share the following infographic where some aspects that characterize each profile are detailed.

In the case of the boss, everyone comes to mind that bossy person who does not enter into reasons and who puts his ideas before those of the rest of the team, even if they are not always the best. Some of its most characteristic features are: intimidation, gives orders, ignores work or overwhelms workers.

On the other hand, the leader tends to have a more affable character, although he must also have a strong hand to fulfill the requested objectives. Leaders must be able to inspire the rest of the team, teach and train their team to improve, be able to listen to the proposals of the members who are under their command or collaborate whenever necessary.

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